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ACE Tutoring provides more than homework support. We are passionate about our goal to mold our students into competitive college material! We have developed a unique hybrid tutoring approach that combines the latest in educational technology with traditional face-to-face individualized tutoring. Students begin their path to academic success by taking skills assessments, discussing their goals and challenges with the program director, and enrolling in customized programs to plug in foundational skill gaps as well as excel in courses at school.

Don't Let Electronics Take over Your Kids’ Brains This Summer!

If you’re concerned that your child’s brain is turning to mush after spending the first half of summer glued to electronics, we can help!

Why attend ACE Tutoring this summer?

Our flexible summer schedule will save your sanity! We offer morning/afternoon/evening sessions on Mondays through Thursdays. Going on vacation? Just let know so we can adjust your child’s tutoring schedule. Unlike a class or group environment, students will not lose hours during their absence. Upon their return from vacation, their programs will resume seamlessly.  

Your child will ACE the next school year! Just a couple of hours a week at ACE for the remainder of this summer will significantly boost reading comprehension, writing, and math skills. Not sure where your student stands with core academic skills? Contact us to schedule a free academic assessment.

All grade levels - We recommend that students participate in our summer math bridge program to give them a nice head start on next year’s math class. We can make sure they are solid up to their grade level and give them a nice running head start on the upcoming school year. As a result, they will be confident, competent, and ready to go!

Middle and High School -All children can benefit from our Study Skills 101 program. Could your child use a boost in these areas: study, test taking, listening, critical thinking, organizing, note taking, and stress management skills? For most students the answer is, “Yes”! Our program will give them skills to make their efforts in school much more effective and efficient. Not to mention lowering parents' frustration.😊

High School– We have summer bridge programs to give students a head-start on their high-level math and science classes. We offer Spanish as well.

Incoming 11th graders – This summer is the best time to prepare for your SAT and ACT exams. Don’t wait until spring of your junior year. You’ll be too busy with all your classes, sports, etc. to properly prepare. Please don't take the official test to “try it” and see how you’ll do! We have College Board released SAT exams in our office. You can take one and see exactly how you'll do (and the colleges won't)!

12th graders – If you have not prepared for SAT or ACT yet, get in here now! Your last opportunity to take the exams is this fall, so we need to get you ready this summer. Summer is also a great time to get your writing skills to the level required for college.

Please contact us to discuss ACE summer camp options for your child.


The Cost of Learning Loss for Young Children

Why should parents be concerned about their children’s learning loss during the summer break? The summer brain drain is costly to parents and their children. This is especially true for elementary students who tend to lose one to six months’ worth of knowledge over the summer. Worse yet, the learning loss can be cumulative. Imagine the learning loss experienced by students by 12th grade. 
It’s tempting to give our kids a mental break during the summer and worry about academics when school resumes. Why fix something that’s not a problem? Unfortunately, by the time we sense an academic issue, school is underway and moving forward at a rapid pace.  
At ACE Tutoring, we often meet families who seek support for their students when they see a problem. Unfortunately, the academic issue occurred much earlier and only became evident when the students “hit a wall” or felt overwhelmed. A much better strategy would be using each summer to prepare for success in the fall. During the summer, students can plug in foundational skill gaps, review concepts missed during the past year, and preview courses for the upcoming school year. Visit for summer camp programs, including Foundational Skills, Study & Organization Skills, Bridge Courses, and ACT/SAT Prep. We also have Middle School and High School Readiness Camps to help students transition confidently to 6th grade and 9th grade. 
Please contact ACE Tutoring at 858-748-8873 or to request a complimentary academic skills assessment (value of $75). We will sit down with you to review the results and discuss the best strategy to help your children reach their potential! 


Empowering Parents at Home

Our ACE team works hard to help students utilize effective study skills. We also encourage families to take an active part in their children’s academic progress. Here are some practical tips found on www.Parents-and-Community to empower parents at home.

Homework help

o   There are probably many ways that parents can offer direct homework help, whether it's teaching numbers and letters, practicing reading, or helping with projects. Keep abreast of classroom activities and homework.

Keep tabs

o   Parents can keep in touch with teachers to make sure their children are finishing their homework. They can ask their children if they have any homework and make sure they set aside enough time to do it.

Provide a good work space

o   Provide a clean, quiet work space to read or do their homework. Even if it is a simple table and chair, children will concentrate better with a defined place to study.

Find a tutor

o   If parents cannot directly help with homework, locate a tutor to help their children and answer any questions.

Please contact us for advice about effective ways to support your students. We train students to “study smart” with more confidence and less stress! 😊

Studying at Home.JPG

Strategies to Prepare for Tests and Final Exams

It’s that time of year! Many students in middle and high school have important tests or final exams approaching.

Parents often express frustration that their children receive high marks on homework, but struggle on exams. There is a big difference between completing the homework (which many teachers just check off if students have submitted the assignments) and being properly prepared for exams. To be ready for exams, students must: (1) thoroughly understand the underlying concepts and (2) know how to work the problems (particularly for math and science classes).

Here’s a handy checklist to help you guide your children:

1.    Glean as much information as possible on what the test is going to cover. If the teachers are not specific, encourage your children to go to the teachers after class and ask for more details or examples. Doing so lets the teachers know that your students are motivated to perform well. Parents can always email the teachers for clarification of test topics if needed.

2.    Have your children write in their planners: (1) the day the test will be given, (2) exactly what it will cover, (3) the days and times they will study for the exam. By and large, most children do not spend enough time studying for exams. For example, if they have a test coming up on Friday, they should write in their planner when they are going to study for it each evening Monday through Thursday. Consistent studying produces better retention and understanding than last minute cramming.

3.    Students must commit to the habit of reinforcing understanding of concepts and thoroughly preparing, much in the same manner they would prepare for their sports events! If they spend 8 hours in a week preparing for their next game, it should make sense for them to spend at least half that amount of time studying for the upcoming test. Right?

At ACE Tutoring, we help our students with all the above priorities, including ensuring that they thoroughly understand the material and helping them develop their study plan. We recommend that students schedule test prep. sessions (in addition to their regularly scheduled sessions) several days in advance of the exam date. In theory, students know they must study sufficiently. In reality, life gets in the way of study time, especially when students juggle extracurricular activities. Studying in a focused learning environment yields much better results than “studying” sporadically or last-minute at home.

Confidence is KEY. If your children know what the exam will cover and thoroughly prepare for it, they will be able to take the exam with confidence and earn high marks.

Does your child need help with basic study and organization skills? Click here to learn more about our Study Skills 101 program. If you would like to receive more information about our programs or to schedule an individual consultation, please contact the ACE Tutoring center closest to you. 

FREE Finals Prep Camp at ACE Tutoring of San Marcos on Fri. Dec. 9

ACE Tutoring of San Marcos continues its tradition of providing a FREE FINALS PREP CAMP for SMHS and MHHS students. It will be held this coming Friday, December 9th. Students may choose time slots ranging from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. In order help you properly prepare, we recommending sticking around for two hours. You can receive finals prep help in any science, math, English, History, or Spanish class. You may choose one or two subjects to study. In addition to the prep, our expert tutors will send you off with a study plan for your finals. This prep camp will help improve your grades on your finals!

Registration is on a first-come first serve basis so be sure to register today! Space is very limited. Note this is for new students only. Current clients will be accommodated using their regularly scheduled hours.  To register, click this link or visit and click the Finals Prep icon on the front page. 

Name Our ACE Eagle Mascot to Win a FREE iPad!

Steve and Anh Eggers, owners of ACE Tutoring learning centers in San Marcos and Poway since 2004, are conducting a contest to celebrate the launch of their 3rd center: ACE Tutoring of Carlsbad! Name the ACE Tutoring eagle mascot for a chance to win a FREE iPad®:
(1) (on desktop) 
(2) (on mobile devices)
Winner to be announced by November 30. 

Are Your Students Ready to Start School?

It's time to gear up for the new school year! Please contact your ACE center to submit your fall tutoring schedule

School start dates: PUSD Tues. Aug. 16, CUSD Tues. Aug.30, and SMUSD Mon. Aug. 29. Review your school district's calendar and these back-to-school tips

From the Desk of an Educator (and Parent): How to Help Your Child Transition & ENJOY Back to School Season

LEAP Cultivates Children's Interests and Talents in Technology

As educators and parents, Steve and I discuss how we can cultivate our child's interest in technology in a positive and educational way. We were so proud to watch our 8 year old daughter's presentation of her first website design! Special thanks to Herbie Smith and Lynda McDonell of SMUSD for their caring and support of the children's thirst for knowledge about technology. 

Register for the ACT & Pick up Your SAT-ACT Bookmarks today!

Reminder: register tomorrow for the ACT and review the upcoming registration deadlines for the SAT! SAT-ACT bookmarks are ready for pick up at your local ACE Tutoring center. Ask about a prep. plan while you're there.

A Word of Wisdom from Chris White, Common Application Board Counselor

A long-time friend of ACE, Chris White was recently featured in an article by Common App! If you are seeking advice about the SAT, ACT, classes to take in high school, come see us here at ACE! We can help get you on to "The Road To College".…/board-counselor-chris-white-refl…

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